Sunday, January 16, 2011

Short Fiction: Deepening Twilight by AE Rought

The angel breezed by, wings sparkling and halo askew. She giggled, a high sweet sound in the deepening twilight. A devil followed close behind, tail dragging in the gravel, pitchfork snagged on the angel’s skirts.
Then, their mother walked past. Each engrossed in their pursuit of sweet treats, and all oblivious to me.
I lay beneath a golden maple, upon the carpet of autumn’s splendor. A chill breeze unsettled my costume in its passage. And, the fallen leaves whispered softly beneath my weight--complaining, displeased that my blood stained them crimson…

* * * *

AE Rought is compulsive. Coffee, writing, chocolate, coffee, writing… When not indulging in hunky heroes, gorgeous heroines and their tangled lives, AE can be found crafting, beading, watching Ultimate Fighting on TV, maybe even walking the dog. Luckily, her real life gun-slinging, sword-swinging hero of a husband tolerates that little personality quirk pretty well. So do her kids. The cat, however, not so much—he still walks across the keyboard on occasion.


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